Ornaments for Amazing Women


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Ornaments for Amazing Women are the perfect anytime gift for celebrating tenacity and achievement. Celebrate a loved one's graduation, new job, hard work, or new beginning. Honor their triumph over illness, grief, divorce, or trial. Each ornament features an inspiring quote that reminds them of your support.​​ 

All ornaments are finished in brushed rose gold and feature dimensional rings with an inspiring quote that will touch her heart. Each is designed in the Inspired Indigo studio with careful attention to detail and craftsmanship.

These ornaments can be displayed all year long for a daily reminder of your support!

Crown Quote Reads:

Just a queen,
earning every shimmering jewel
on her crown.

Lily Quote Reads:

Her delicate petals are merely deception.
There is strength in her roots,
and her wild spirit ascends
to the beckoning sun.

Butterfly quote reads:

Never truly broken,
she emerged a stunning mosaic
of the struggles she’d overcome.

Angel quote reads:

Fly, beautiful darling,
and become all
you've dared to dream.

Size: 4.25" diameter.

All ornaments are designed in the USA.
U.S Pat. No. 9,744,792 B2 ©Inspired Indigo

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